Designing Dream Homes
for the Anti-DIYer.

Dream Homes
for the Anti-DIYer.

full service design

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"I've just started planning and want to do this right! I need all the help, and would love to work with you directly! I understand great things take time & investment."



"I need help fast and/or I’m not able to invest in your Full Design Service, but I still desperately need help to create a cohesive, well designed home! Please save me my time & sanity while making all these decisions!

"I would love to work with you directly but don’t quite need your complete Full Service. An hour or two of your time to ask questions & get customized recommendations would help so much!"

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Full Design Service 

You deserve the home of your dreams, but maybe don't have the time or confidence to get there on your own . That's were I come in. Through functional design & intentional stying, I'm here to help take this off your plate & give you the peace of mind that it will all come together in the end. I'm with you every step of the way from mood boards & measuring to placing the last pillow. This is to guarantee your design is executed as planned and insure the end result is a home you're madly in love with and is uniquely yours. The best part of full service - you get your time back!

+ Home furnishings & fixtures
+ Styling & decorating
+ Trade discounts
+ more

12 weeks +

4-6 weeks out to start projects

+ Interior & exterior finishes
+ Architectural collab/red lines
+ Vendor communication
+ Space planning

$5,000+  virtual |  $10,000+ in home

$10,000+  in home
$5000+ virtual


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Full  Service Portfolio

"If you are in need of a talented interior designer to help beautify any room in your home, look no further, Maria is hands down the best of the best. What I thought would have been a stressful process, turned out to be the easiest and most fun process. Maria completely transformed my home by creating a more warm, cozy, and welcoming space. Maria’s communication skills, creativity and attention to detail, understanding our needs in our home design, strong budgeting skills, and her awareness about current styles and trends are just a few strong qualities in why I chose Maria to be our interior designer. I will be hiring Maria for any future projects in our home."


"I reached out to Maria to create/design the perfect space for our son. When I got home today, I walked in and was speechless. When I imagined the space that I will spend long nights rocking with him in a cozy chair, reading him books that I remember from my childhood, playing with him on the floor, and watching him sleep in his sweet crib- this is the exact space that I imagined.. This room brings me so much joy and is already filled with so much love! You are so talented and I am beyond grateful and thankful to have worked with you. You made my dreams come true and I can’t wait to bring my son home to his beautiful room."


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starting at $1250

This is a way to spend 1:1 time with me to receive customized recommendations & design support. The time is yours, and can be used how ever best fits your needs - from picking paint colors, space planning, sourcing and shopping - you name it! I'm here to help you save time & feel confident in your decisions for your home.


Design Consultations


starting at $750

Free Resources

From dreaming to breaking ground!

8 steps to guide you through the process of planning, designing and breaking ground on your custom home!


Steal my exact check list I use for my clients

There are over 250 selections that need to be made for your interior alone, you don't want to miss this!


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I’m an interior designer and content creator, here to help you love your home without stressing over how to get the results you deserve. I’ve been in the professional design industry for over 12 years now, and my design upbringing and background is a big part of who I am and how I landed in this dream job of mine. 

My name is Maria


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