From day one we knew we wanted to adapt Mason to our lifestyle. From running errands or going to the gym – and for DEFINITELY date nights! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked “how do you guys still have date nights with Mason” since we don’t live near family and it’s never been an option for us to leave him with someone while we go out. Josh and I love going out to eat WAAAY too much to give it up all together. So we figured this thing out QUICK! 🙂 Let me break it all down for you guys!


TIMING – Timing is everything. Once we figure out Mason’s sleep schedule, we timed everything else off of that! Mason’s morning nap was when I would go to the gym. His mid day nap was when I got most of my work done, and his afternoon nap was when we would have our date nights! We knew taking a baby to dinner AWAKE would be more work than it’s worth. So we took advantage of that last night aaallll the time!

TRAVEL SYSTEM – Having a travel system saved our butts! We would strap Mason into his carrier right before nap time, and he would almost always fall asleep in the car on our way to dinner. If not, all it would take was a little rocking (in the carrier) once we got there. We would also cover the carrier with a blanket and it would help him stay asleep while we were out! Most restaurants have slings, and if not you can just turn a highchair upside down – works the same! We would put Mason in the sling and enjoy our date night while we was fast asleep!


TIMING – Now that Mason doesn’t take an afternoon nap, the LAST thing we want to do is take him when he’s sleepy. We tried that once, and it ended up with him screaming and only wanting to be held, and pee all over me and down the leg of the chair I was sitting in.. you can’t make this stuff up people. INSTEAD, now we take him when it’s time for him to eat! Because feeding a toddler means he’s occupied! We bring lots and lots of snacks to keep him content until the food come. Also, we don’t go at a busy time. We try to get there around 5ish because the kitchen and service is almost always faster! And it’s a win win because early means happy hour prices!

TRAVEL SYSTEM – Now that Mason has out grown his carrier we knew we needed a stroller that would make this easy for us. That meant finding a stroller that was easy to fold up and take on the go, but also had a tray and cup holder. Half of the time we just roll the stroller right up to the table and don’t even need to ask for a highchair! And one thing I love about our newest stroller is that it has a recline position that goes all the way flat with a canopy, so if we ever wanted to go during Mason’s nap again, we could!!! Super excited about that!!!


If you’re a new momma and debating on what type of car seat to get, I can’t say it enough, GET A TRAVEL SYSTEM!! Don’t make your life harder for yourself! And really evaluate what your lifestyle is and what features would fit and grow with your family best! I’m personally soooo happy with our Graco Modes™ 3 Lite DLX stroller, which is part of a travel system! If you want to see videos of the exact features we love and how it works be sure to check out my “mommy must haves” highlight on my INSTAGRAM! Just know that if you’re looking to find a travel system that easily transitions from baby to toddler date nights, this is a fantastic option worth considering!

This post is sponsored by Graco.

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