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Decorating for Fall is all about adding those little touches of WARMTH! We all want to feel cozy this time of year, so adding warm colors, blankets, books and candles really helps achieve that goal.

Our pumpkin collection as been growing ever since I was in collage. I get a few more every year. But this year I found a TON at Walmart that were SUPER cheap! I’ve linked them below, but for some reason they are way more expensive online, so I highly recommend going to the store to get yours! The largest ones you see in the pictures above were only $6.00! The medium ones were $1 and the smallest came in a pack of 6 or 7 for only $3! SO WORTH going to the store to get those prices!

Like I mentioned above, I linked a ton of pumpkins plus all the extra decoration pieces I bought this year (and some I already had).

Hope this helps inspire your own home this Fall!! And if so, I want to see it!! Take a picture and tag me on Instagram and us #InspoByMaria!!! 🙂

Happy Fall Y’all! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)




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