When choosing your side tables, of course, it’s super easy to just go and buy a matching set from a furniture store to fill a space, but I highly recommend thinking a little more outside of the box and finding unique side tables.

I think the most interesting spaces are created by mixing and matching different elements, and side tables are no exception. Mixing and matching furniture almost reminds me of mixing up fashion. While a coordinated outfit works well, an outfit that is mixed and matched can be more stylish yet effortless at the same time!

When purchasing unique side tables, definitely think about functionality first and foremost. What do you need to fit on the surface of the table? Do you have a table lamp or floor lamp? Do you have a soft ottoman and therefore need more space on your side tables to hold items like coasters/drinks, remotes? Is the table just on the side of one sofa, and therefore wouldn’t need to hold as much?

And don’t forget about height! Are you functionally using the side tables often, or are they more decorative? If they’re being used functionally, you definitely want them to be close to the same height as the furniture they sit next to. These are all questions that are super important to ask yourself and consider when choosing your side tables.

While side tables are something I love to find at random while shopping in different places, I do have a couple spots I go to first when looking for a side table. My go-to’s for higher quality side tables are West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Article. 

If you’re looking for something more affordable, Target and Wayfair are great options. When looking for something more unique (I personally think the more unique, the better), be sure to hit up your local thrift store or Facebook Marketplace!

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