Bar stools can be a surprisingly expensive decorating addition when designing your home. I’ve seen stools priced around $800 and, when purchasing four, that number can really add up!

Affordable bar stools are great because they’re such an easy thing to change in your home when you’re wanting something new and fresh. Because of this, I believe most people should try to source bar stools for under $200. Finding something less expensive allows you to change things more regularly and stay trendy!

When it comes to finding the perfect, affordable bar stool for your home, there are so many directions you can take. Some trends I’m loving right now are velvet, woven and cane detailing, and a modern silhouette. If you’re going for a modern look, pay special attention to items that are simple and straight. If you’re on the hunt for something more traditional, go for something with added shape.

Affordable Bar Stools

Personally, I like something that adds texture while remaining simple. For that reason, I have the Ceylon Woven Counter Height Barstools by Opalhouse at Target. 

When shopping for my bar stools, I kept my kiddo in mind. If you have young children, I recommend going for a stool with a back and avoiding anything upholstered. You want something that is easy for cleanup whenever messy accidents happen!

Here are some affordable bar stools for under $200 that I love!

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