It’s no secret that the “farmhouse” look is fading out of style fast, and one iconic trend from that era is bright white cabinets with black cabinet hardware.

So, what do you do if you still love the fresh look of white cabinets, but desperately want to avoid the “farmhouse” style? Try going with a creamy beige color instead! Beige, tan, and taupe-colored cabinets instantly elevates the look of your kitchen and still feel light, airy, and homey!

Here are a few examples of kitchens that have successfully pulled off this beautiful look!

This kitchen here has a perfect tan tone mixed with the gold hardware, which you’ll see a lot of! Instead of the white cabinets with black hardware, having gold pulls keeps the contrast to a minimum and feels homier. 

Talk about a statement kitchen! With tan lowers and natural wood upper cabinets, dramatic marble veining, and bold black gridded windows, this kitchen is a perfect mix of trends, class, and timelessness.

Just like with white cabinets, there is so much potential to use different materials/colors for your countertops! Take this darker stone countertop for example. It adds drama with out losing the lightness of the entire kitchen. You know I’m a fan, especially since it feels very European (thanks to no upper cabinets)!
There are many benefits to painting your cabinets beige. It’s such a great way to give you a unique look and still have light bounce around your kitchen.  With the natural earthy vibe it is such a timeless color to work from, and certainly not boring!
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