Happy New Year!! It feels so good to be back from a little break while working behind the scenes on an exciting year ahead! To kick things off this year, I thought it would be fun to share 5 home design trends you can expect to see more of in 2022!

Dark Painted Cabinets

Darker shades of blue and green cabinets found their way into homes a lot over the last couple of years, and they are here to stay a little longer! Dark painted cabinets add a dramatic coziness to a home and it’s also much more affordable than natural woods! Win-Win!

Art Deco Inspired

I personally love a great Art Deco-inspired piece of furniture or texture in a home. This design trend instantly gives a space more personality and flare. 

Organic Shaped/Curved Furniture

This design trend has a lot of art deco behind it! I love that pieces like this can elevate a space and make it feel extremely luxurious.

Wainscoting Wall Treatments 

This design trend will always cycle in and out, and currently, it’s very “in”. Wainscoting has always been a more traditional way to add value to a home. This is because of the labor-intensive craftsmanship and the added character it brings to a home. 

Gold Finishes

These can be anywhere in your home from cabinet hardware to plumbing or light fixtures. Gold finishes are a trend that will stick around for a long time. Much like the wainscoting I mentioned above, they are so timeless!

When it comes to trends, something I live by that my mom always told me growing up was.. it’s better to have style than to be in style. It’s my passion and my job to stay on top of these trends, but there is never a right or wrong decision when it comes to making design choices for your home!

As always, be sure to follow along with me on Instagram & Pinterest for up-to-date design trends and inspiration!

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