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Last week we found ourselves in the beautiful French countryside, swooning over a dreamy Belle-inspired bedroom. This week we’re headed first-class across the globe to New York…the city that never sleeps, where we’ll draw inspiration from one of Manhattan’s well-known elegant socialites…Holly Golightly! While she’s busy pining away for her handsome new neighbor, I’m taking a page straight out of her lavish, stylebook and creating a classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s bedroom that embodies a fabulous lifestyle.

Classic Breakfast at Tiffany's Bedroom

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The whimsical eccentric nature of Holly Golightly instantly won over hearts as the main character in the 1961 film favorite, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn perfectly captured Holly’s lovable nature, both in personality and style.

Audrey Hepburn and Holly Golightly are one and the same, both representing iconic elegance and timeless, chic style. Hepburn made many trend-setting moments, with one of her most well-known ensembles being none other than the elegant black dress worn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Borrowing from their influential high-end style and charm, I created the perfect classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s bedroom. Filled with beautiful furnishings and fixtures, this space embodies old Hollywood glamour paired with a refined New York City socialite lifestyle.

Glam design looks and feels sophisticated, upscale, and luxurious. The most important element being a combination of metallics, neutrals, and accent colors. The style possibilities are truly endless.

Classic Breakfast at Tiffany's Bedroom-beds

Bed 1 | Bed 2 | Bed 3 | Bed 4

An iconic room design requires a statement-making centerpiece that instantly sets the overall tone of the room. The ideal bed frame for this space offers both refined elegance and captivating allure. Opt for a headboard with linen upholstery to create a sophisticated charm. Unique curvature, sculptural lines, and detailing adds the perfect touch of indulgence. 

A stylish bed will completely transform this space, and the upholstered bed I selected for this bedroom design far exceeds all expectations. Simply stated this bed that was born to stand out! Its lounge-all-day appeal and crisp shape offer a blend of contemporary style with iconic elegance. The whimsical sky blue color, gives a subtle nod to Holly’s love for high-end jeweler and luxury retailer Tiffany’s, the place she truly feels she belongs. Beyond its Tiffany vibes, the whimsical blue creates a calming and relaxing effect and is well suited for this sleeping area. 

Classic Breakfast at Tiffany's Bedroom-chandelier

Chandelier 1 | Chandelier 2 | Chandelier 3 | Chandelier 4

Nothing upgrades a space from average to high-end elegance more than a glamorous chandelier! When it comes to these dramatic pieces, less is not more. Glam lighting is all about making a statement, and adds the perfect dazzling brilliance to this Classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s bedroom design. It truly elevates this space with its luxurious layers and eye-catching sparkle.

Shimmering chandeliers feel indulgent and dramatic. For maximum exposure, they should be placed in the center of the bedroom. An oversized chain-draped chandelier with crystals and metal detailing creates a lavish centerpiece moment. Leave at least 7′ of clearance below a chandelier, so you can easily move around the room. Adding dimmers will allow you to dial in the brightness, setting the overall mood of the room to be irresistible. 

In keeping with this room’s designs, and star tribute, I opted for the Sophisticated Sophie Chandelier. This elegant and contemporary chandelier boasts a unique basket shape with stunning accents. The cascading frosted beads against the antique gold frame create shimmering light with a soft, warm, welcoming glow.

Classic Breakfast at Tiffany's Bedroom-dresser

Dresser 1 | Dresser 2 | Dresser 3 | Dresser 4

A refined dresser is a timeless addition to this elegant space. But, before choosing a monumental piece of grandeur, consider the size of your bedroom to avoid a crowded look. Determining the proper layout is key to creating a balanced and cohesive space that not only feels luxurious, but also offers ease of movement throughout. First, measure the dresser or even tape out where it will go to ensure a perfect fit. Dresser drawers should be able to fully open and close for maximum access and storage capacity.

While the chandelier offers the perfect statement-making moment, I opted for a more subdued modern look, with subtle embellishments for the dresser style. This avoids competing pieces that can create an overly distracting look. When pairing different furnishings together, consider whether or not they complement each other in scale and design to achieve a pulled-together space.

The Marriton dresser offers a beautiful silhouette with added brass accents for a perfectly polished look. It harmoniously blends with the overall room design while introducing sophisticated glamour into this space. 

Classic Breakfast at Tiffany's Bedroom-lamp

Lamp 1 | Lamp 2 | Lamp 3 | Lamp 4

While Holly Golightly might jump in a cab and head off to Tiffany’s to embrace a sense of calm, I’m creating a tranquil ambiance through lighting. The perfect table lamp is an easy way to cozy up this bedroom space. It sets the ideal, warm tone for relaxing with a favorite book or enjoying a good night’s sleep!

For added poise, I’m bringing in a piece with stylish architectural allure. This cabinet picture light offers sculptured appeal with its sophisticated curves and classy brass finish, while its classic styling illuminates any piece of treasured artwork.

If opting for a lamp, the correct size largely depends on overall dresser height. If the dresser is over 40 inches tall, go with a lamp that’s 24 inches or shorter. If the dresser is 30 inches tall, the lamp should be roughly 32 inches in height.

I hope you’re as crazy about this Classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s bedroom design as Holly Golightly is about Tiffany’s!! Happy designing, and don’t forget to check back next week for the next character room reveal!! If the suspense is too overwhelming, here is a hint…

Character Room Clue: You must be home before the clock strikes twelve!!

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