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In this weeks character themed bedroom chronicles, we’re headed back to France, drawing inspiration from Cinderella’s charming Château. I’m bringing this classic fairytale into the present day, where beauty and magic are still the basic ingredients. This soft enchanting Cinderella bedroom design offers the perfect subtle princess appeal that will make all your dreams come true!

Soft Enchanting Cinderella Bedroom

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While there’s debate over the origin of this classic tale, the version best known for its translation into English was written by Charles Perrault from France. Originally composed in 1697, his French account included extra magical moments while staying true to story staples like the pumpkin, fairy godmother, and the infamous glass slipper. This, along with clothing and architectural style, brings many to conclude the beloved princess fairytale is not only set in France but likely took place somewhere in the mid-to-late 1800s.

The good news is you don’t have to travel to France or even back in time to experience all the whimsical style this favorite fantasy character offers. By incorporating delicate feminine pieces with shapely curves; this soft enchanting Cinderella bedroom design will take you on a dreamy romantic journey to find Prince Charming, all without leaving the comfort of your room!

Live in the fairytale you wish for with a beautifully soft, creamy color palette for an overall charming aesthetic. Dreamy blues, light grays, crisp whites, and barely beige, provide the perfect serene touch, while decorative furnishings with attractive lines exude an elegant, feminine feel. This French-inspired bedroom style includes the perfect plush accents and adorned accessories, fit for a princess!

Soft Enchanting Cinderella Bedroom-beds

Bed 1 | Bed 2 | Bed 3 | Bed 4

The key to achieving a French-style bedroom is a mix-and-match look. For this design, I blended natural wood tones with crisp whites and ornate detailing for added charm. Opting for pieces with rounded legs and corners, rolled arms, and soft shapely curves offer the perfect feminine touch. 

The French bed is a statement making focal point for any bedroom space. For this soft enchanting Cinderella bedroom design, I chose a beautiful natural upholstered bed, fit for royalty. It offers the sumptuous curves of a French-style chaise but with a fresh modern look! The gently rounded headboard curves add the perfect touch of romantic fairytale appeal.

To ensure a potential bed frame balances your space instead of overpowering it, get a sense of its size by using tape or pillows to map out the approximate dimensions. To further narrow your search, account for any budget limits and the overall quality of the bed frame.

Things to Consider When Determining Bed Frame Quality:

  • Construction – Determine the type of assembly required and ensure you have the proper tools.
  • Material – Opt for something with long-lasting appeal and durability.
  • Stability – Does the frame stay in place, or does it need added traction to avoid movement.
  • Support – Ensure proper support throughout the center frame to avoid mattress sagging over time.
Soft Enchanting Cinderella Bedroom-mirrors

Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 | Mirror 4

For a French provincial look, I added a gorgeous ornamental mirror. It’s not only the perfect decorative accent for this enchanting space, but offers a nod to the famous Palace of Versailles’ spectacular “Hall of Mirrors” gallery.

From intricate gold to distressed wood frames, there are many beautiful choices when it comes to French mirrors. Beyond making the overall bedroom space appear larger, embellished mirrors add the perfect touch of vibrant femininity to this bedroom space.

Of course, they also serve a more practical purpose because every ballgown needs a quick spot check before heading off to the ball. Don’t forget to ask your mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all!

The Alix wood accent mirror brightens up any space while its smooth glass surface and weathered wood finish add unique vintage appeal. The elegant scalloped edge and oval design convey a charming French country look perfect for this soft enchanting Cinderella bedroom space.

Soft Enchanting Cinderella Bedroom-wallpaper

Wallpaper 1 | Wallpaper 2 | Wallpaper 3 | Wallpaper 4

Wallpaper is the perfect way to accentuate the feminine feel of this dreamy bedroom space. With a wide selection of curated French wallpaper designs available in various color and pattern options, it’s not hard to find something that beautifully blends with this space.

Create an accent wall with patterned wallpaper for added contrast and dimension. Striped or floral wallpapers are ideal with calming hues of blue or green for a subtle, delicate statement. It creates an inviting atmosphere of both comfort and warmth. 

To determine your room’s specific wallpaper needs, measure your wall space before ordering wallpaper. Combine the width of each wall, multiply that number by the ceiling height, and then divide this number by the square footage of one roll. Or, simply summon your fairy godmother, who will bippity boppity boo it perfectly into place! 

Soft Enchanting Cinderella Bedroom-dressers

Dresser 1 | Dresser 2 | Dresser 3 | Dresser 4

Distressed furniture in neutral wood tones or light colors conveys an antique lived-in aesthetic and perfectly pairs with this design’s elegant white bed frame. 

The Orinthology dresser is a fairytale all on its own, with a hand-carved serene treetop scene that takes the magic of the enchanted forest bedside. With its classic, romantic inspiration this beautiful piece instantly comes to life. While you’re busy daydreaming, Jacques and Gus’s chirping friends might even lend a hand with any alteration predicaments you happen to find yourself in.

A dream is a wish your heart makes…and it’s secretly wishing for this soft enchanting Cinderella bedroom design. Best of all, it won’t turn into a pumpkin on the stroke of twelve! Happy dreaming!! 

Next week is my FINAL character room reveal!! Can you guess who it is? Let me know in the comments below! Character Room Clue: Love to hate her or hate to love her, this fashion icon symbolizes greed, vanity, and pure evil!

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