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This month we’re skipping the trick and heading straight for the treat! Just think of me as your personal fairy godmother. I’m delivering a dash of magic, taking all the fun and fantasy of the Halloween season and bringing it indoors with character-inspired bedroom designs! Each week will feature a brand new character theme as we count down to Halloween!

This week I’m drawing inspiration from the Disney classic, “Beauty and the Beast” and focusing on the bright and beautiful main character Belle! With her passion for fantastical stories and an enchanted castle set in the French countryside, the perfect blend of eclectic, vintage Parisian style is put on full display. So, follow along as I curate a moment of magic with my dreamy Belle-inspired bedroom, drawing from all the beauty and charm this character has to offer!

Dreamy Belle Inspired Bedroom

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If there’s any room in your home that deserves a touch of elegance and whimsy, it’s the bedroom. Belle offers us a glimpse into the beauty of the French countryside. This effortless Parisian style draws from romantic inspiration with touches of elegance, beauty, and sophistication. While its overarching vintage appeal showcases bold colors, ornate wallpapers, and curved beds for the perfect classic small French village look.

To keep this space enchanting, opt for walls in white, cream, or soft pastel shades. For added eye-catching contrast, accent walls with ornate wallpapers and beautifully draped window treatments make the perfect French-inspired standout statement. Finish by layering in plenty of pretty textiles, such as florals, for an extra soft feminine touch. 

When it comes to furnishings, a French-inspired bed is a must-have and will set the overall tone of this space. It acts as a beautiful anchor piece, pulling the room design together. Opt for a vintage-style frame that embodies that eclectic farmhouse-style appeal.

Dreamy Belle Inspired Bedroom-mirrors

Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 | Mirror 4

A proper French country space will have a distinctive vintage look with pieces that appear as if they have been accumulated over time. An embellished antique mirror is the perfect way to incorporate that old-world aesthetic. It adds captivating charm and character with its beautifully ornate design. Whether or not your mirror will come to life and help you with life’s dilemmas…only time will tell!

For this dreamy Belle-inspired bedroom design, I choose an elegant ornate wall mirror. The elaborate gold frame lends the perfect sophisticated touch of vintage French style. Its distressed finish and intricate scroll detailing offer a unique spin on an age-old classic. Each piece comes equipped with a ready-to-hang D-ring for easy wall mounting. 

Dreamy Belle Inspired Bedroom-bookcases

Bookcase 1 | Bookcase 2 | Bookcase 3 | Bookcase 4

If there’s one thing Belle is known for, it’s her love of books. Her literary nature has always resonated with book lovers alike. Of course, the real goosebump moment occurs during the Grand library reveal! It’s what book admirers’ dreams are truly made of! Walls lined with endless leather bounds and the best part…a rolling ladder!! 

This dreamy Belle-inspired bedroom design wouldn’t be complete without a proper bookcase. It’s the perfect way to pay homage to a true literary friend while housing some of your sacred, favorite reads. The real question is, where is your next novel adventure taking you? 

For this space, I chose an elegant yet slightly modern tapered bookcase to accent the overall French design style. This furniture piece gives an authentic appeal while adding just the right amount of depth and texture to the room. l love the earthy, subtle tones of the green, which offers a pop of color for visual contrast. The finish is slightly weathered for a lived-in feel and adds to the vintage theme. Pair two side-by-side for added book storage, or display a few beautiful antique accents throughout for a whimsical look.

Dreamy Belle Inspired Bedroom-vintage artwork

Artwork 1 | Artwork 2 | Artwork 3 | Artwork 4

Art is an essential part of any home. It gives your space life, character, and personality. It’s also the perfect way to add that classic French vintage aesthetic to this space. Incorporating these aged elements emulates the essence of an authentic French look.

Floral patterns are fitting for this room design, given the magical enchanted rose featured in this timeless film. Floral paintings not only create striking contrast but convey beauty with a soft and whimsical feminine touch. What better way to symbolize this French love story.

This dark floral antique oil print is absolutely stunning and is a piece worthy of mantles and walls alike. While French curated art comes with a substantial price tag, this made-to-order vintage print is the perfect substitute. 

If hanging multiple prints, cluster your collection for optimal visual impact. Grouping antique pieces together add historic charm to your space by layering in unique works of art that tell an individual story of their own. 

Dreamy Belle Inspired Bedroom-wallpaper

Wallpaper 1 | Wallpaper 2 | Wallpaper 3 | Wallpaper 4

I’m adding a touch of bold to this French-inspired bedroom design. After all, our main character Belle is a pillar of confidence, outspoken in her opinions, and seldom likes being told what to do! Like Belle, these wallpaper accents are free-spirited, adding something charming and unexpected to this space. 

Soft hues of white, blue, grey, yellow, and pink tones beautifully showcase the colors and the textures of a traditional French country bedroom. For an antique vintage feel, darker floral wallpapers add nostalgia and a romantic nod to the past. Either style offers dreamy designs and timeless, elegant beauty. 

This Juliet floral wallpaper has a captivating textile pattern, adding the perfect amount of charm and visual appeal to this bedroom space. Its beautiful color depth creates a vintage romance ambiance with lush flowers and twining vines and leaves.

True beauty may be found inside, but this dreamy belle-inspired bedroom is what bedroom dreams are made of!! Happy designing, and don’t forget to check back next week for the next character room reveal!! If the suspense is too overwhelming, here is a hint…

Character Room Clue: The first meal of the day meets a high-end jewelry store! Any guesses? Let me know in the comments below. 

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