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In our eagerness to create a perfectly well-designed home the guest bedroom, unfortunately, tends to be left behind. Let’s face it, this is often the space we send miscellaneous items to “die”. Whether it’s a catchall for extra storage or a make-shift guest room with a hodgepodge of leftover furniture from centuries past, it doesn’t exactly scream “please stay here”.

The good news is I’m about to change all of that, with the week’s Modern French Guest Bedroom design, that’s sure to impress even your mother-in-law! So follow along as we create the ultimate relaxing and inviting retreat for your guests. An experience so welcoming it’ll have them planning their next visit before their suitcase hits the floor!

Modern French Guest Bedroom

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Instead of feeling like you just woke up in a Motel 6, your guest bedroom should create a warm and welcoming space that exudes coziness and luxury. Your guests should feel as comfortable as possible while also captivated by the overall beauty and character of the room.

To achieve our cozy yet luxurious ambiance, I’ve selected a modern French-infused design as the overall theme for this guest bedroom. The Parisian style typically draws from romantic inspiration with touches of elegance, whimsey and sophistication. With it’s overarching vintage feel, bold colors, ornate wallpapers, draped window treatments, and curved tufted beds, it can quickly leave you with an unwanted 18th-century vibe. To avoid an overly extravagant look we’re adding contemporary flair, creating a modern twist that will blend seamlessly into any home.

A neutral soft palette is the building blocks for this modern design. Greys and whites will help brighten the room and create an illusion of a larger space, especially if you’re working in tight quarters. We’re keeping this design simple and minimalistic, while also intentionally playing with a few vintage elements. Natural wood tones help preserve the basic character of French décor, creating a warming and inviting atmosphere.

Modern beds

Bed 1 | Bed 2 | Bed 3 | Bed 4

The bed is the centerpiece of this room, offering both beauty and functionality while setting the overall tone of the room. Choosing a frame with a scaled-back modern scheme will help blend with our contemporary aesthetic, bringing a fresh take on French style to this space.

Natural wood styles like THIS bed frame from Pottery Barn are timeless. The slight curvature in the headboard adds a hint of French vintage style, while still beautifully harmonizing with the rest of the room décor. All white linens and layered bedding will create a welcoming atmosphere, adding a sophisticated touch that your guests are sure to love!

When selecting a modern frame for the guest bedroom size is a major factor to keep in mind. Be sure to measure the space and avoid selecting anything too large that may limit space and movability around the room. Making sure guests are comfortable also includes selecting the right mattress. Medium to firm is a great option since it’s conducive to all sleep positions.

Modern benches

Bench 1 | Bench 2 | Bench 3

When you think of French décor a traditional chaise lounge might be the first thing that comes to mind and rightly so, given its stylish elegance. For our modern adaptation, I’ve narrowed down a few bench options that bring a polished and sleek look to our guest bedroom. THIS upholstered bench from Wayfair has a charming refined appeal that makes for a gorgeous eye-catching accent piece. The rounded edges and frame enhance the attractiveness of the room and transforms this space into something chic.

Beyond adding that luxurious feel, benches also help create a well-functioning space. They’re a great spot for your guests to sit and effortlessly slide on their shoes or the perfect place to set luggage while unpacking after a long flight.

Ideally, the height of your bench shouldn’t be taller than the bed. To avoid stubbed toes, consider depth avoiding anything too bulky that may be difficult to navigate, especially at night! With guest rooms typically being smaller spaces a slimmer design may be a better option.

Modern nightstands

Nightstand 1 | Nightstand 2 | Nightstand 3 | Nightstand 4

Nightstands add the perfect unique touch to our Modern French Guest Bedroom design. The designs I’ve selected add contrast and dimension to this space, while also making a bold unexpected statement. I chose moody tones and modern contemporary designs to add character to the guest room. I simply love the dark olive tone of THIS Metal Work Nightstand from West Elm. With its antique brass finish drawer pulls it fits right into the French décor philosophy of mixing the old with the new.

The flat surface of nightstands create a perfect spot to add subtle embellishments to accent the overall design of the space. Whether it’s a few books, a scented candle, textured basket , or even a bouquet of Parisian-inspired dried flowers it’s best to keep this area as attractive and clutter-free as possible. Making sure your guests have plenty of space for personal items.

Modern french lighting

Lighting 1 | Lighting 2 | Lighting 3 | Lighting 4

It’s important when designing your guest bedroom to consider lighting. Lighting creates a focal point within the room and also adds sculptural interest. Most importantly, it sets the overall tone of the room. Infusing your space with a soft warm glow will create a soothing ambiance sure to promote rest and relaxation for guests!

There’s more to selecting the perfect lighting for this space than just style and design. The size of the wall also plays an important role, so be sure to scale lighting size and shape of accordingly. Measure the wall length, taking dimensions of the bed frame into account. If space is a concern, wall sconces are a great choice. They not only add a vintage touch but offer a must-have reading light for guests!

With so many design options to choose from, I’m highlighted a few above that have just the right amount of je ne sais quoi! THIS sconce from West Elm is a stunning statement piece with its glass geo shade design. The antique brass finish and sleek look embody French-style sophistication.

This Modern French Guest Bedroom has so much to offer! With the subtle French-inspired accents the elegant charm of this room will have your guests leaving you a five-star review!

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