Elegant Fall Decor: Subtle Ways to Decorate Your Space

I love decorating for Fall so much! The colors this beautiful season brings out are so rich and cozy, I could honestly decorate with them year-round! My style has really changed over the last several years, especially when decorating for different seasons or holidays. Instead of going with the obvious “just add a ton of pumpkins for Fall”, now I prefer to focus more on the subtle feelings this season should bring out. If you agree, keep reading on how you can make this switch to elegant Fall decor as well.

First, think through how you want your home to feel in the Fall.. for me I want my home to feel cozy, warm, and subtly festive without the space looking completely different. So instead of adding a ton of additional decor (not to say you shouldn’t add any), try to start with swapping out things that are already within my home. This helps to avoid the space feeling cluttered. A great place to start would be to swap out pillows, blankets, and florals!

When swapping out your pillows, blankets, and florals try to incorporate colors like burnt oranges, tans, browns, plum, or any other rich earth tone color palette. They add warmth into the space that helps make a home feel extra-cozy.

For florals, think about what you would naturally see outside during this time of year, and then bring those colors and textures in. The trees are changing colors and dropping, so sticking with those warm earth tones and sparse branches makes more sense over bright-colored florals or bold bright greens. This isn’t to say that you can’t have greenery in your space, but consider giving it a toned-down appearance by choosing something with a warmer color, like olive branches or magnolia.

While I mentioned that I prefer to make subtle switches in the space, it definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t make any additions to your home when decorating for Fall! Adding a wreath to your front door or garland over your mantel is a great addition for elegant Fall decor.  Also, any candles to fill your home with a warm scent is a no-brainer.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to achieve this subtle Fall decorating look, be sure to follow along with me on Pinterest! I have an entire board dedicated specifically to this!

I definitely feel a trend moving away from the “over the top decorating” for Fall and other seasons, but what do you think? How do you like to use elegant fall decor? Do you prefer to go all-out, or do you prefer to make subtle changes in your home??

For more inspiration be sure to follow along with me on Instagram and Pinterest!

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