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My Favorite Easter Baskets & Stuffers!

So, I’m not going to lie…I’m “that mom” that LIVES FOR bake sales and party favors and nurses’ gifts and all the things… I was always crafty growing up (Martha Stewart obsessed as a kid), and I love giving gifts! So, when it comes to putting together gift baskets, I get SO excited and Easter basket stuffers are no exception!

Easter Basket Stuffers

Here are a few things I’m considering for the boys this year! I try to stray away from filling up the baskets with candy, and try to think of practical items that my boys might be needing and will enjoy!

I’ve also been on the hunt for new matching Easter baskets for the boys. I want something that’s great quality and will last as long as necessary! I found these adorable baskets at a few of my favorite home decor stores!

When you’re planning your list for your family’s baskets, I hope this helps! You can shop more Spring decor here and take a look at what’s inspiring me this season!

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