Today we’re starting a new tradition in the studio, we’re sharing our seasonal vision boards with you! We’ve been creating vision boards for ourselves for years, but I thought it would be fun and hopefully inspiring!

You know those memes that say, seasonal depression isn’t real until the sun comes out in the Spring and you’re an entirely different person? They’re not lying, the sun makes me so happy! Spring is all about soft colors, floral arrangements, and delicate patterns.

A lot of what’s inspiring me right now is home-related, but Springtime for me is a time when I tend to focus more on my skin, nails, and hair health! Whether that’s a haircut (cue the season 4 Rachel cut!) or pastel-colored nails, I always feel refreshed and ready for a new season when I take care of myself in that way! Another way I’m inspired is through fashion, Spring fashion is bringing some serious throwbacks with bucket hats and flare jeans, but we are here for it!

The more I grow into my personal home design style, I’m realizing just how nostalgic I am! Something that has inspired a new type of design for me, is more feminine textures, shapes & colors.

I also love pieces that feel older or hold sentimental value – for example, table cloths! Table cloths with delicate floral patterns remind me of my grandmother, in the best way, and I’m searching for a place to add them into my own home.

Spring 2022 - Vision board

I hope you enjoy my Spring Vision board as much as I enjoyed creating it! If you are looking to build one yourself, the easiest way to create one is by building a Pinterest board! Here is the board I pin to for all things that are inspiring me this Spring!

Looking for more inspiration for your own home? Until next time, you can follow me on Instagram & Pinterest for more tips and up-to-date home trends!

Talk soon!!

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