Your master bedroom is your sacred private space. A place of comfort and relaxation and your retreat from the chaos of the outside world. While creating an inviting space may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be complicated. A Neutral Master Bedroom is the perfect place to start!

Today, I’m sharing my top design and styling tips, to help you create an effortless Neutral Master Bedroom you can’t wait to come home to!


Neutral Master Bedroom

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When you think of a Neutral Master Bedroom your first thought may be a room full of white. The good news is neutral doesn’t mean void of color. In fact, it should look amazing and be full of character, while also remaining comfortable and functional.

Get creative and explore with different finishes, patterns, colors and textures to add interest. With neutral bedrooms, it’s easy to blend styles and still maintain a soothing space. Colors like earthy browns, creamy butters and soothing greys, will have you fast asleep in no time!

You can also keep things affordable if refurnishing an entire room isn’t within your budget. Try accessorizing with what you already have on hand or visiting your local thrift store to browse vintage pieces.

There are so many things to consider when choosing a bed! From metal to wood, upholstered and more, the options are endless. The goal is to look for something that adds warmth and makes your space feel inviting. Let’s take relaxation to the next level!

Platform and upholstered beds are a great choice for our Neutral Master Bedroom. Upholstered beds offer a clean and simple look. They also blend well with any room design and exude a sense of coziness. With a comfy headboard, you’ll be sure to find yourself here binge-watching true crime documentaries or reading your favorite book!

I absolutely love THIS Jake Upholstered Wood Base Platform Bed from Pottery Barn. 

Vintage rugs

Vintage rugs are popular for good reason. They add layering and texture to your space and give that lived-in homey feel. With color, character and style, they provide the building blocks for your overall color scheme and help pull together your design.

Rugs USA has several great options for our Neutral Master Bedroom. THIS Grey Vintage Medallion Area Rug comes in multiple sizing options and is washable!

As a general rule, avoid a rug that covers the entire floor. You’ll want to leave a minimum space of 10-20″ of room between the base of your trim and the edge of your rug. This will ensure it fills your space You’ll also want to make sure you have at least the front two legs of a piece of furniture on the rug.


Neutral Nightstands

While nightstands typically end up storing our devices, eyewear, remotes, or maybe even last night’s dinner, they are actually multi-purpose, and our Neutral Master bedroom isn’t complete without one.

Nightstands provide visual variety. You can experiment with shapes and sizes and can even mix and match! Choosing selections like THIS Pottery Barn Calistoga 28″ Nightstand, with metallics or aged brass hardware, will add a touch of warmth and depth to your space.

Art Work

Art can add personality and emotion to any room, while also helping to set the mood. It adds character but should balance the space without distracting from it. 

When choosing art consider how it makes you feel and if it’s something you enjoy. The design direction of the room will help determine what to look for. Keeping with our Neutral Master Bedroom theme, your art should be soothing, calming and peaceful, helping you sink further into complete relaxation.

I really love THIS 16″ x 12″ Textural Pastel Abstract Framed Wall Canvas, from Target, designed with Studio McGhee, which will add a modern feel to any space.

Be sure to check eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy and your local thrift store for budget-friendly options.

Neutral Ottomans

Ottomans can offer dimensional appeal or even a pop of color to your space. They’re also functional and easy to move around, offering you a place to sit beside your bed, or while tying your shoes.

THIS Catlina Mudcloth Round Ottoman, from Target is the perfect choice to add a touch of sophistication to our master bedroom, completing our look!

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