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10 Must Have Items to Pack for the Beach with Kids

As a mom we have this vision in our head of what family vacations will look like, but oftentimes the reality is much different. Taking your family to the beach is classic pastime. As a lover of the sea myself, I know the draw all too well. After successfully taking a toddler and a baby to the beach, I can confidently say that they key to a successful family vacation is planning and prep! I try to think ahead and anticipate our needs as a family and what we’ll need for the kids. This has helped tremendously in reducing my stress as a mom and making the trip more enjoyable for my family!

In today’s post I’m walking you through our must have items to pack for the beach with kids. This list is not comprehensive of everything that you’re going to need, but these items will 100% make your life easier as mom to littles.

10 Must Have Items to Pack for the Beach with Kids

What to Pack for the Beach with Kids

  1. Quick Drying Towel– When you’re on the beach all day, the last thing you want is a soggy towel when you’re ready to dry off. We love this one from Amazon because it’s quick drying, super absorbent and the sand doesn’t stick to it. If that isn’t a win in my mom play book, I don’t know what is.
  2. Collapsable Sand Buckets-One of the best parts about taking little ones to the beach is creating memories that will last a lifetime. There is something timeless about building sand castles digging holes as a kid. But as a parent, hauling buckets and shovels and ALL. THE. THINGS can be daunting. That’s exactly why we love these collapsible sand buckets. The fold down and can eaisly fit into your beach bag or wagon.
  3. Flexible Sunglasses– When traveling to the beach it’s important to make sure you have sun protection. The last thing you want is your sweet babies getting sun burn. We love these sunglasses from Amazon. They come with a strap so they won’t fall off or get lost in the water. In addition, they are flexible plastic and almost impossible to break. Perfect for busy little ones!
  4. Bucket Hat- Next on the list is a traditional bucket hat. I love THIS on and THIS one from Amazon. Both hats feature a strap under the chin, but I especially love the smile face detail!
  5. Sun Hat– If you’re wanting something a little more on trend, this Quicksilver hat is perfect for keeping the sun off your face. It also comes in an adult size if you’re feeling a matching moment.
  6. Beach Blanket– This isn’t your ordinary beach blanket. It comes with stakes to hold down the corners so that you don’t have to worry about it blowing away. Plus, it’s waterproof and quick drying. This is also great if you go on picnics as a family or love to camp!
  7. Water Sling Baby Carrier– If you’re headed to the beach with an infant, I highly recommend this sling. Wearing baby allows you to be hands free, while also knowing that baby is safe and secure. If you are a mom of multiples, especially if you have a toddler and newborn, this is a must have!
  8. Snack Spinner-As a mom, we know that snacks are essential, especially when you’re littles are burning extra calories out in the sun. This snack spinner keeps everything organized and fresh all day long.
  9. Suds2Go Cap– This might be the most genius mom hack I’ve found. The cap screws onto just about any water bottle and creates a hand washing station! This is perfect for washing sand of little hands and any germs as you’re traveling!
  10. Hooded Towel– A hooded towel avoids having to wrap up your little one and the possibility of tripping when it comes undone. Your little one can also wear this in the car so that they don’t soak their car seat!

I hope that these items help to make your next beach trip with your kids one that is full of fun memories! While vacationing with kids may not feel like a vacation, it can still be fun and enjoyable for you too mama. Remember to relax a little and let the kids be kids!

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