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Whether it’s preparing delicious meals for the family to enjoy, a place for friends to congregate while entertaining, or a cozy spot for morning conversations, the kitchen is the heart and hub of every home. So today, I’m taking the once practical rather than attractive kitchen and giving it a casual soft modern spin with my Organic Modern style kitchen design!

Filled with aroma, texture, and energy kitchens are the new “living room” space of the home. It’s truly a place where life is lived and memories of a lifetime are created. So, like moths to a flame this warm and light-filled minimalist kitchen is sure to be the place everyone wants to be!

Organic modern style kitchen design

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Picture a style that merges clean lines with organic silhouettes, natural textures, and neutral colors. The Organic Modern style does just that by bringing in nature-inspired elements and neutral tones into a minimalist, modern space for a cozy yet sophisticated look.

The Organic Modern style kitchen is an effortless blend of casual minimalism. It’s light and bright, with open views, creating a sense of open space while incorporating textiles and shapes that have a softer edge to them. Warmth is introduced in the form of wood tones and pops of color and enhanced with details that offer a visual break from its clean aesthetic.

This kitchen design embraces simplicity, so be intentional with selections because less is definitely more! Thoughtfully placed décor and accessories will help avoid an overly busy look, keeping things sleek and simple, elevating livability and comfort.

Organic modern style kitchen barstools

Chair 1 | Chair 2 | Chair 3 | Chair 4

BAR STOOLS instantly pull this Organic Modern style kitchen space together by bringing in natural elements such as earth-toned finishes and woven wrapped seat and back covers. They not only offer a clean modern look but are a great way to add additional seating to any kitchen space. It’s the perfect comfy spot for family and friends to relax while preparing your favorite meal.

THIS woven dining counter stool offers just the right amount of casual with its wrapped basketweave rattan and natural finish. The frame gives it a modern edge, while the soft curves warm things up for an inviting seat.

How to choose the perfect stool height

Bar stool or counter stool…that is the question! If you’re wondering which will work best in your space, I’ve rounded up a few tips to help you choose the perfect stool height for your kitchen island:

  • First measure the height of your kitchen island.
  • If the island height is 36″ to 39″, a counter stool (24″ to 26″ seat height) is the best option for your kitchen.
  • If the island height is 40″ to 42″, a bar stool (28″ to 30″ seat height), is the best choice for your kitchen.
  • Allow 9 to 12 inches between the top of the seat and the bottom of the counter or bar for ample leg room. 
Organic modern style kitchen pendant lights

Pendant 1 | Pendant 2 | Pendant 3 | Pendant 4

To keep your kitchen space from becoming all neutral and organic it’s essential to mix in other materials, like a linen shade, being intentional with layering in texture. A great way to incorporate varying textures as well as ambient lighting, is through the use of PENDANT LIGHTS.

Pendant lighting comes in a variety of different silhouettes, shapes, materials, and price points. For this kitchen design, I chose an island light that is more subtle and refined. One that doesn’t distract from the bold wallpaper statement.

THIS stunning Heloise Pendant from McGhee & CO. adds the perfect touch of gold detailing to the room balancing out the space’s tones. Paired against the wooden shelves, its white and brass cone creates a spacious feeling. I absolutely love the beautiful elongated design, which adds height to your kitchen space.

How to hang pendant lights over a kitchen island

  • When hanging pendant lights over a kitchen island, the distance from the countertop to the bottom of the light fixture should be between 30 and 36 inches.
  • The ideal distance between multiple pendants is 26 to 30 inches.
  • Allow 12 inches from the edge of the island to the light fixture. 
Organic modern style kitchen faucets

Faucet 1 | Faucet 2 | Faucet 3 | Faucet 4

You might not think so but the kitchen faucet is one of the primary features of your kitchen’s style. Out of all the amenities a kitchen offers, this is by far the one you interact with the most. From food prep to cleaning, to even occasional sink play, courtesy of your littles, choosing the right fixture for your space is essential. The right faucet not only enhances the functionality of the kitchen but expresses your personal taste.

For our Organic Modern style kitchen design a stylish yet functional faucet is the perfect fit. A soft brass finish will create both depth and contrast while offering a bold aesthetic.

The faucet arc is something to consider, this is the distance from the top of the sink to the base of the spout. Your selection will largely depend on personal preference, whether you need a tall arc to maneuver pots or a lower profile that won’t block views of the living area.

I personally love THIS pull-down faucet by Rejuvenation and think it would be an excellent addition to this kitchen space. It features a sleek design, high-arc, rotating spout, and squeeze handle but its smooth surface makes for easy cleaning, from even the tiniest of fingers.

Floral wallpaper for organic modern style kitchen

Wallpaper 1| Wallpaper 2 | Wallpaper 3 | Wallpaper 4 | Wallpaper 5 | Wallpaper 6

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE wallpaper!! You might even find me secretly scrolling through ALL of the wallpaper designs while enjoying a cup of coffee! Honestly, what’s not to love! The beautiful textile patterns just seem to add the perfect amount of charm and visual appeal to any room.

Wallpaper is back with a BIG BANG and unlike grandma’s old-school designs, today’s patterns can impact your space by adding style, depth, and warmth that paint just simply can’t touch. From the beautiful look you can create with wallpaper to easy maintenance, plus a low price tag, it’s not hard to see why it keeps on coming back.

This year’s wallpaper trends are an expression of pattern and color with some neutral hues. For this kitchen design, I chose a PICTURESQUE HAND-PAINTED FLORAL PATTERN. The blooming sunflowers against the colored background exude a casual, optimistic feel with a dash of cheerful whimsy.

Overall, the elements of an Organic Modern style kitchen should lead you to more of a feeling than anything else. So be creative and don’t get stuck in one design box. If you feel relaxed and connected, then you’ve created the perfect space for you!

I hope this design inspires you to create an Organic Modern style kitchen of your very own! Happy designing!

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