Mediterranean Inspired Outdoor Dining Area

Summer is in full swing and rising temperatures likely have you dining outdoors. Today, I’m taking your al fresco style dining and bringing the magic of the Mediterranean tableside with a Mediterranean inspired outdoor dining area.

So, follow along as I walk you through simple design tips for an outdoor dining oasis that’s sure to make your next outdoor dining experience a memorable one!

Mediterranean inspired outdoor dining area

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Ahhhh the Mediterranean, with its breathtaking views, fresh food, and turquoise sea, it’s no wonder this popular destination is so magical. From Santorini to Sicily, the rich culture, history, and al fresco dining are oh so captivating. So, why can’t we bring a piece of these destinations home with us, to simply enjoy from afar?

The whitewashed buildings and raw, natural materials from the islands are the perfect inspiration to bring into your outdoor dining space. So, you can enjoy casual Mediterranean-style al fresco dining on your very own home porch or patio.

When thinking of Mediterranean design, I envision textures and soft neutral colors. Think seamlessly blending home interior with the exterior, focusing on distinct lines and patterns, symmetrical shapes, and natural fabrics. For the color palette, I combined creams and blush tones with lighter wood variations for added warmth and charm. Overall, creating a simple but beautiful space with an overarching authentic Mediterranean feel for your outdoor dining area.

Mediterranean inspired outdoor dining area tables

Table 1 | Table 2 | Table 3

Creating the perfect al fresco dining experience is truly an art! But what’s better than sitting outside on a beautiful evening enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends! While the term al fresco means “in fresh air”, you can forgo the picnic blanket! Mediterranean style dining emanates refined tablescapes and comfy seating, with a side of party-like ambiance.

The table is the centerpiece of your dining space, so it’s vital to get it right and there’s nothing more Mediterranean than dining outdoors at a large rustic table! Vary your wood tones and finishes when selecting furnishings. Opting for white oak, teak, or lighter wood tones will add warmth to this space, embracing natural surroundings vs. creating an overly decorated aesthetic.

You’ll want to consider the overall size of your dining table and how much space you will need. Make sure there’s enough space on your deck or patio to comfortably hold the table and chairs while still allowing people to move around easily.

For our Mediterranean-inspired outdoor dining area, I chose this beautifully elegant high-quality teak wood, OUTDOOR DINING TABLE from McGhee & CO. This stunning piece not only has a welcoming feel but adds a light and casual, sun-drenched look to this outdoor space.

This LIGHT BROWN EUCALYPTUS SEGOVIA TABLE is another gorgeous option and is so affordably priced! The modern design with block legs and a slatted tabletop set the stage for comfortably casual alfresco get-togethers.

Mediterranean inspired outdoor dining chairs

Chair 1 | Chair 2 | Chair 3 | Chair 4

Mediterranean style is all about being part of nature, taking advantage of the warmth of the sun and crisp fresh air. Layering with natural eye-catching textures like rattan and woven touches helps to create a nature-inspired outdoorsy aesthetic.

Outdoor dining chairs are the perfect way to incorporate these textures into this dining space. They offer an easygoing authentic feel while keeping you and your guests relaxed, so you can focus on tasty Mediterranean cuisine!

To keep things simple, you can easily buy a set of four to six matching chairs, depending on your table size. But why not elevate your space by mixing in a few alternate designs for contrast! With so many amazing chair choices to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. Adding that second design might just have the people sitting at the ends of your table feeling extra special!

I absolutely love these WOOD AND ROPE CHAIRS from World Market! They convey a light and casual, sun-drenched feel but with old-world appeal! The handwoven rope detailing over the curved acacia frame instantly takes me beachside.

The ELOWYN OUTDOOR DINING CHAIR seamlessly blends both poly wicker and teak wood textures together, for an effortlessly stunning presence. Its unique craftsmanship and visual appeal make it the perfect accent piece for our Mediterranean-inspired outdoor dining area.

Mediterranean inspired outdoor pillows

Pillow 1 | Pillow 2 | Pillow 3 | Pillow 4 | Pillow 5 | Pillow 6

Adding a few throw pillows to your outdoor dining furniture might just be the easiest way to elevate your space. Something as simple as a decorative accent pillow can bring out subtle design features, creating a cohesive look with added dimension.

When thinking of the Mediterranean design style, incorporate textures and layers. Include a mix of fabrics and patterns, featuring simple, romantic aesthetics with natural materials and warm, lighter tones. Mediterranean décor should always feel like a breath of fresh air.

This CALAIS PILLOW paired with the MIRA FLORAL ACCENT PILLOW is the perfect combo for this design style. While one brings in a soft, luxurious feel the other weaves in richer earth tones, adding a subtle feminine touch. The comforting color shades and beautiful textural layering in these décor accents offer an invitingly warm and welcoming vibe.

Something to keep in mind when selecting an outdoor pillow is choosing an all-performance fabric that’s easy to maintain and highly durable. Things to look for include UV protection, for a fade-resistant color, and low moisture absorption, to keep mildew at bay. Stain-resistant qualities also top the list…well because wine happens! These simple tips are sure to keep your outdoor pillows looking flawless all summer long!

Mediterranean inspired outdoor planters

Planter 1 | Planter 2 | Planter 3 | Planter 4 | Planter 5 | Planter 6

Mediterranean-style gardens are a vision of paradise. They awaken the senses through light, smell, color, and feel. With its vibrant flowers, citrus trees, palms, and yucca plants, it’s truly an oasis of refreshing comfort. So, to complete our Mediterranean Inspired Outdoor Dining Area, I’m bringing in lush garden vibes along with the perfect architectural touch.

There’s nothing that reflects this region’s lush beauty more than a richly hued ceramic pot paired with eye-catching foliage. What’s better than plants and trees refreshing your eyes while you dine al fresco under a pergola.

With pots and jars being a famous feature of Mediterranean gardens they’re the perfect way to add both height and dimension to our outdoor space. A few design ideas include using containers in various sizes, smaller pots for lining walls and displaying in groups, and large, oversized architectural containers to really make a statement!

This STRIPED PLANTER from McGhee & CO. uses a beautiful clay mix and simple colored glaze to create a textural rustic piece. I also love this stunning CEMENT POT SET with its weathered stone finish. It not only incorporates raw materials but reflects the beauty and grace of the Mediterranean style. The romantic curve and delicate ribbing of this SIENNA PLANTER add the perfect amount of charm and artisanal character to any outdoor space.

I hope this Mediterranean-inspired outdoor dining area brings you enjoyable al fresco style dining every night! Invite the warmth, light, and hospitality that the Mediterranean has to offer into your own home! Happy designing!

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