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LAUNDRY…the seemingly endless…dreaded…tedious task we all have a love-hate relationship with! Indeed, laundry might just be the least favorite chore on your to-do list. In fact, let’s be honest…how many of us live on the edge, grabbing that last pair of socks or underwear before FINALLY throwing a load in the wash!?!

Today, you’re in luck because I’m making this must-do job slightly more palatable with my dreamy transitional style laundry room design. So, follow along as I take this space from mundane to magical in just a few easy steps! While I can’t promise it’ll make your next load of laundry quicker, it’ll definitely be an area you’ll want to spend a little more time in!

transitional style laundry room design

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Unlike the rest of your home, the laundry room isn’t typically a space that’s showcased and put on display for everyone to see. The door probably stays closed the majority of the time, hiding the ever-present heap of laundry and shelves of assorted cleaners. It’s an area that’s often forgotten, especially when it comes to design and takes on more of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind feel.

While the task of laundry is repetitive and ordinary, your space doesn’t have to be! In fact, your laundry room should feel like the rest of your home-like you! So, “change your space…change your life”…am I right!?! Ok…ok…maybe just seize the chance to have some fun decorating and maybe even get some laundry done!

Things to Consider When Designing a Laundry Room

When designing a laundry room space, it’s important to keep the following things in mind while on your journey to laundry perfection!

  • Your laundry room should be designed around existing appliances. While there’s some wiggle room, when it comes to cabinetry and accessories, electrical points and water supply elements can be costly to move unless designed from the ground up.
  • If you have the space and water supply available, a sink in your laundry room is an added bonus! They’re perfect for hand-washing delicates, soaking stained items, washing off dirty shoes, and must-have for managing life’s messes.
  • Don’t overcrowd your laundry room…less is more! Think zones: sorting, washing/drying, ironing, and folding/hanging. Plenty of space and a good layout will help keep things well organized and tidy. 
  • Consider how much space you will need for things like hampers/baskets, laundry supplies, cleaning detergents, etc. This will help determine what type of storage is needed, narrowing down cabinetry and shelving selections.
  • Let’s not forget the most important part…finishing touches! From wallpaper accents to stylish laundry baskets and elegant lighting, it’s the perfect way to add character and personality to your space.
transitional style laundry room design baskets

Basket 1 | Basket 2 | Basket 3 | Basket 4

With LOADS of laundry time to be clocked, you deserve a space that’s as functional, organized, and easy to use as possible. Hampers and baskets add functional style to your home and are the perfect way to stay on top of the endless task of laundry, helping you make sense of socks, shirts, towels, sheets, and more.

Wicker baskets provide beautiful functionality in any space. Not only are they easy to clean but also offer durability, holding their shape and color. They’re the perfect laundry storage and organizational solution, and let’s not forget the aesthetics!

For this transitional laundry room design, I chose a natural seagrass woven LAUNDRY HAMPER, which adds just the right amount of beauty and texture to this space. The cutout handles make for easy movement, and the detachable lid keeps your dirty laundry looking oh so pretty!

transitional style laundry room design flush mount lighting

Light 1 | Light 2 | Light 3 | Light 4

Just because your laundry room is practical, doesn’t mean it has to have boring light fixtures. Having plenty of good lighting to assess the cleanliness of your clothes or lack thereof, is a must! So, ditch the dull and dreary garage lighting and add a side of warmth and brightness to your laundry space.

Flush mounts are such a great option, especially when it comes to laundry room lighting selection. They add a minimalist and attractive quality while offering the perfect touch of contrast to any space. Selecting a flush mount for this transitional laundry room balances the soft wood tones and natural accents while pulling the overarching design style together.

This semi-flush drum FLUSH MOUNT FIXTURE makes a beautiful yet casual statement with its linen shade and hardware detailing. Thanks to its soft ambient lighting, it truly makes this a space you’ll want to be in, rather than one you want to hurry out of!

transitional style laundry room design wallpaper accents

Wallpaper 1 | Wallpaper 2 | Wallpaper 3 | Wallpaper 4 | Wallpaper 5 | Wallpaper 6

My love affair with wallpaper continues even into the laundry room! After all, why not make your transitional style laundry room feel like a “real room”? Not only will it keep things light and airy, but it might just brighten your outlook on the task at hand while adding character to your home!

Consider adding tone-on-tone texture to your walls with affordable TEXTURED WALLPAPER. Patterned wallpaper creates eye-catching visual interest, while the subtle neutral tones prevent it from overwhelming the space.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wallpaper

A little insight and planning can turn your laundry room into a perfectly styled, inviting oasis!

  • Avoid delicate or porous wallpaper materials like silk, grass cloth, or velvet. With changing temperature and humidity levels of the laundry room, these can dry out and lift over time.
  • With humidity in mind, solid latex or canvas-backed wallpapers are a better alternative, as they are more durable, easier to clean, and far more likely to stay put for years to come. 
  • During installation, the use of fans will ensure proper air circulation, helping wallpaper to dry faster and adhere better.
  • Avoid damask patterns, dark colors, or photo prints that may lose their luster over time. For tight quarters stick with lighter color options and smaller patterns to create the illusion of a larger open space.
transitional style laundry room design runner rugs

Rug 1 | Rug 2 | Rug 3

One of the easiest ways to turn a boring chore center into a stylish space is with a brand-new rug! You might not think so, but a rug is actually the perfect laundry room accessory. It adds a beautiful style boost without affecting functionality. All you have to do is choose the right one!

When shopping for a laundry room rug, it’s important to consider materials. Laundry rooms are full of excess moisture, so try to avoid anything that may retain water, which can lead to mold and mildew. Ideally materials that are water-resistant work best but if limited on options choose something that’s washable or easily wipes clean.

I love the plaid design and subdued color palette of this FLATWEAVE RUG. The touch of color and charm, adds a natural tone and texture to this space, while also creating floor movement.

Laundry is a never-ending story, so I hope this dreamy transitional laundry room design inspires you to add loads of style to your laundry space! Happy designing!

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