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When you hear the word “tablecloth”, you might envision a beautiful vintage lace linen your grandmother brought out for special occasions. It instantly brings back childhood memories and all the sights, sounds, and smells your grandparents home had to offer. Unfortunately, tablecloths became a lost tradition and were soon replaced with eye-searing, heavily adorned plastic table covers circa the 80s! The good news is that tablecloths are making a comeback! Not only in the traditional sense but with newer modern versions that add a beautiful, inviting touch to any dining room table!

Tablecloths are Making a Comeback: floral print tablecloth
Cotton Floral Tablecloth – Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee

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There’s something to be said about tablecloths and their ability to transform a blank canvas into artistry. They have a certain quality that softly announces…something fun is about to happen, so come and sit here! A truly marvelous invention, adding a perfect touch of style to your overall dining experience while preserving the table underneath.

Beyond just a table covering, tablecloths are easily one of the simplest ways to elevate your kitchen and dining space. Similar to wallpaper, there are endless color palettes and designs to choose from. The best part is they’re not permanent, which means they can be interchanged to accommodate seasonal decor or simply swapped out for a room refresh, giving your space an entirely new look!

Tablecloths are Making a Comeback: Eyelet tablecloth
MCGEE & CO. Eyelet Tablecloth

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Tablecloth Styles

No longer an afterthought, tablecloths are making a comeback and are now available in beautiful color palettes and modern chic designs. It’s never been easier to set the table in style, creating a cozy and relaxing space for family and friends to share a meal.

Floral Tablecloths

I love a good small pattern or floral tablecloth option! There’s just something magical about them that reminds me of my grandmother and brings back fond memories of my childhood. This floral tablecloth is the perfect example. It features a charming and whimsical floral print wrapped in soft browns, silky creams, and calming blue-hued tones. It has statement appeal but is still subtle enough for everyday use. 

Vintage Tablecloths

Antique vintage-style tablecloths are another beautiful option. If you happen to have hand-me-downs, this is the perfect opportunity to display family heirlooms from generations past. These treasured pieces are more than just fabric. They hold meaning and have tremendous value, so why not enjoy special memories at every meal?

Neutral Tablecloths

Neutral tablecloths offer an unfussy style and natural color palette that effortlessly blends with any home design. They’re an easy way to keep your table styled all the time, while giving your dining space a clean and fresh look. I love this neutral linen tablecloth. Its fringe border detailing adds visual interest, while its minimal white patterned plaid creates a calming and refined aesthetic. Its casually elegant style offers perfect statement appeal for any table setting.

Whether used for everyday meals or special occasions, tablecloths can easily be styled for an elevated look with added floral arrangements, ceramic dinnerware, and candles to set the mood.

Tablecloths are Making a Comeback: Duncan tablecloth
MCGEE & CO. Duncan Linen Tablecloth

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Correctly Sizing Your Tablecloth

Tablecloths come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to choose the right one that will not only accommodate the dimensions of your table but achieve your desired look.

Tablecloth Shapes:

  • Rectangular tablecloth
  • Oval or rectangular tablecloth
  • Square tablecloth
  • Round or square tablecloth

Tips for Measuring:

Casual everyday use tablecloths should have a 6″ – 8″ drop. Special occasions and formal settings, such as a dinner party, should hang down 10″ to 12″ around the table.

To determine tablecloth size, measure the length and width of your table and add double the desired drop to each dimension.

Example: 48″ wide and 84″ long, desired drop of 12″ add 24″ to each dimension: 48″ + 24″ = 72″ wide, 84″ + 24″ = 108″ long

Round tables follow the same formula, but you’ll measure the diameter instead of length and width. So, 48″ round tables would require 72″ round tablecloths.

MCGEE & CO.Adelaide Tablecloth

With endless design and styling options, tablecloths are making a comeback! So, adorn your dining room table with style and create an inviting space to share a special meal with loved ones! Until next time!

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