It’s beach season and what better way to kick things off than stepping out onto your Coastal Inspired Back Patio! Indulge in an oasis of comfort all in the privacy of your very own backyard. 

Follow along, as I walk you through simple design tips on creating an inviting outdoor space, that’s ready for entertaining, cookouts, pool parties or even your next staycation!

Coastal Inspired Back Patio

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You may be thinking, “How can I create an inviting outdoor space”? The simple answer is to think of your patio as an extension of your home. Bringing interior elements outdoors is a great way to create consistency. Think furniture, rugs, and lighting, as well as accent pillows. Plants also make a great addition to any outdoor area, instantly creating that lush garden feel. 


The key is to start with the larger items first, followed by your smaller decorative pieces. A sectional is a great focal point and the perfect place to start. It also provides seating options for entertaining and lounging. You’ll want to consider fabrics that are easy to clean, resist wear and tear and are stain proof, because summer memories shouldn’t include bird “souvenirs” and spilled drinks! 


Nothing says “Coastal” living like sun-bleached tones, clean lines and wicker. Yes, I said wicker! In fact, grandma’s wicker has made a big come back! Wicker creates that beachy feel, adds texture to your space and gives a casual luxury vibe, which flows with our theme perfectly!

Coastal Inspired Back Yard Patio Rugs
Rug 1 | Rug 2 | Rug 3 | Rug 4

Rugs may not be the first thing that come to mind when designing your outdoor space, but they’re an easy way to add texture and character, as well as tie in your overall design, giving it a pulled together look. With so many color, pattern and style options, the possibilities are endless!

I’ve added a few of my current favs that will create a lived in “Coastal” feel. I love THIS Bleached Jute Fringe Rug from Target, with its woven design and tassel detailing.  

Something to keep in mind when selecting a rug is sizing. Standard rugs typically come in the following sizes: 3×5, 4×6, 5×7, 6×9, 8×10 and 9×12. For seating furniture, you’ll want to make sure the front legs can sit directly on top of the rug. Avoid selecting something that’s too small.

Coastal Inspired Back Patio Side Tables

Side tables are a great addition to your overall design and can add style to any space. I’ll let you in on a little secret…they don’t have to match! In fact, get creative, find unique tables and even mix and match with different elements. 

Functionality is something to keep in mind and will help you narrow your selection. Basically, think about what you’ll be using it for. Will it be a placeholder for snacks and beverage of choice or a surface for accent pieces and smaller décor items. As far as height, the side table should sit close to the height of the furniture it sits next to.

THIS Monti Lava Stone Side Table from West Elm adds sculpture to our Coastal space. The sand and stone mix gives it the perfect earthy texture, reminiscent of long walks on the beach!

Coastal Inspired Back Patio Light Fixtures

Let’s set the mood with lighting! In our quest to create a cozy, warm, intimate and inviting space, incorporating lighting is a must.  As mentioned earlier, we’re creating an extension of our home and bringing indoor fixtures outside can add character and spice up our look. 

Softer low-level lighting encourages a sense of restfulness. It creates warmth and is simply magical at night, especially next to an open crackling fire. Don’t forget your favorite drink and maybe even a smore or two!

Pendant lighting is the perfect addition to our Coastal Inspired Beach Patio. There are some amazing rattan weaved options available that offer a relaxed, breezy touch. Check out THIS Serena & Lily Headlands Bell Pendant or THIS Flora Rattan Pendant from Pottery Barn.

Coastal Inspired Back Pation Coffee Tables

Coffee tables give us a place to gather, whether it’s family game night, dinner and drinks, or simply a place to prop your feet up and enjoy a cup of coffee, it creates a real outdoor living space. 

With endless options to suit any size or design needs, coffee tables offer both decorative value and versatility. They can provide a sculptural appearance, and many incorporate natural earthy elements, such as concrete, stone, or warm woods.  

We’re using the rule of thirds to ensure a proportional look. Your coffee table should be two-thirds the length of your outdoor sofa. Also, keep in mind round tables will be easier to walk around and you’ll want to choose an option that’s made of high-quality materials and is low maintenance.

The tables above are sure to add sculpture and texture to your space. The Raylan Concrete Outdoor Coffee Table, from Pottery Barn, has an open angular frame, which adds contrast, mixing both sun-washed tones with wood accents.

I hope these ideas inspire you to create a Coastal Inspired Back Patio of your dreams! Happy designing!

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