Sit back, relax and grab a glass of sweet tea, while we cover my styling secrets to creating a cozy and welcoming Southern Style Front Porch you can enjoy for years to come!

Porches aren’t just a Southern past-time. They are synonymous with relaxation and hospitality. This is the perfect space to gather with family and friends, while also adding curb appeal to your home.

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We’re giving the traditional Southern porch a slightly modern twist, complete with a porch swing, side table, and outdoor poufs. Accent rugs, pillows and greenery are a great way to add layering and texture, completing the overall look. Sticking with neutral tones will allow for easy seasonal swaps, without having to do a complete overhaul of your space.

Side Tables

With your favorite drink and book in hand, your side table should say come and sit here! Side tables are a great addition to our Southern Style Front Porch. They are both functional and versatile, but most importantly will turn a plain outdoor space into a living space. With so many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from, I’ve narrowed down a few of my favorites I think you’ll love!

Wood tables are a great way to bring in warm natural tones, adding that Southern flare. THIS Kamrar side table from Wayfair, is the perfect budget-friendly option.

Choosing a stone or cement side table, like THIS Belmira lightweight concreate option, from Wayfair, will add a slight modern twist to your look.

While height isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker, a good rule of thumb is to keep the tabletop in line with the arm of your porch swing, sofa, or chair. You’re also looking to keep 2-3 inches between your seat and side table. You’ll want to be able to set your book down with ease when your beverage calls for a refill.

Outdoor Poufs
Pouf 1 | Pouf 2 | Pouf 3 | Pouf 4 | Pouf 5 | Pouf 6

Relax and enjoy the view while propping your feet up on a pouf or two! Poufs might pull footrest duty but can serve as multipurpose furniture. While both decorative and stylish, they also add sculptural interest to the space. They’re a great option for additional seating, especially when entertaining or within smaller spaces.

Poufs come in an array of colors, patterns and shapes. It’s important to choose a shade and design that will match the rest of the décor. Weatherproofing and choosing materials that are easy to clean will be key to keeping your pouf looking new all year round.

THIS Vaughn solid cylinder pouf, from Overstock, adds texture and visual interest to your space.

Porch Swings

Nothing says Southern living quite like rocking on your very own porch swing! It’s a way of life! Enjoy laughter and making memories, or even a nap, all while gently swaying back and forth into complete relaxation!


When measuring your space you’ll need clearance for front, back and both sides. Typically, you’ll need 48 inches in front and behind the bench and about 15 inches on both ends. The seat should hang about 16 to 20 inches above the floor.


A porch swing not only completes our Southern Style Front Porch look but also adds value to your home! I’ve included 3 great options to choose from.


THIS Sunday Porch Swing from Ballard is a classic slat-rail swing that is absolutely stunning! 

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