This week, we are breaking down the pieces that make up a mid-century modern dining room. Your dining room is a gathering place, an area to have your closest people around the table for a wonderful meal. 

Clean, simple lines are the cornerstone of the mid-century modern design style, and you can incorporate this all throughout the room. Let’s look at some of my favorite pieces to create a mid-century modern dining room.


Allow the dining table to be the centerpiece of your dining room. There are a few things to take into consideration with choosing this piece. 

What size family do you have? Are you a family of four and only need two extra spaces when grandparents come into town? A smaller table will serve your family well. Do you host Thanksgiving dinner every year? Look into tables with an extension leaf that can be stored away when not in use.

What is the size of your room? Having 3 feet of space between your table and your wall (or furniture) will allow guests to easily move their chairs out from under the table as well as keep room for people to walk behind the chairs. 

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When it comes to dining chairs, you’ll want to consider if you ever need to add or remove chairs to accommodate everyone and if your table will allow for more chairs. 

If you’re trying to stay in budget but still want the clean, simple look, THESE chairs from Threshold with Studio McGee are wonderful options that come in a set of two for under $300.

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You will want to find a rug that fits your table and chairs as well as space to move around the room. Tables that hold 8 or more people will fit best on a 9’x12′ rug. Smaller tables with 6 or fewer guests will fit well on an 8’x10′ rug. 

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The buffet table serves as a functional piece as well as a way to decorate based on the season. If you have a larger room with a longer wall, you can stack two pieces together for more space. Smaller spaces can utilize a small buffet table for storage, as well.

You will want to take the size of your dining table into consideration when selecting a buffet table. Allow for plenty of room between the dining table and the buffet table. 

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Lighting fixtures can incorporate the clean and simple lines that are found throughout the entirety of the dining room. 

THIS light is more modern but has less light. If you’re designing a dimly lit room, you might want to look at THIS fixture. 

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These pieces are a sure way to curate your mid-century modern dining room. Which pieces are your favorite?

Struggling to design a space in your home? Check out my custom shop links HERE, with an optional 1:1 consultation bonus offer, for an even more customized final design! For more design inspiration, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest! 

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