One of the most special pieces of furniture in our home is our custom-made sofa table built by our good friend Ken Scherdell. It sits right in between our living room and kitchen and makes such a beautiful statement. With this addition to my home, it always begs the question: is it worth it to invest time and money into custom furniture? My short answer: yes!

This piece of furniture made from the most beautiful white oak tells a story, holds so much history, and will be something we can pass down to our kids years from now.

Custom Furniture: Sofa Table

Our good friend Ken is so incredibly talented at his job! The process of making custom furniture requires more time, effort, and money than purchasing something mass-produced, but he made it so easy and enjoyable! When we first sat down, I was able to give him an idea of the design and dimensions I was going for. After the initial planning, we took a trip to Chattanooga Hardware Center, a local wood retailer. Together, we selected a beautiful piece of white oak that would become our sofa table. From there, Ken crafted the table and helped me to see my dream realized!

Custom furniture is definitely an investment, but I think it’s worth it to have something special and unique inside your home. When looking at the dollar signs for a custom piece of furniture, remember that you’re paying someone for their time and creativity!

Think of custom furniture as a one-of-a-kind work of art in your home. I wouldn’t splurge on custom furniture if you can find something really similar somewhere else. However, if you find a place in your home where something unique and special can sit, I 100% think it’s worth it. I love having our table because it tells a story. I’m able to talk about the whole process and history behind it, and I know that I’ll keep this in our family forever.

When searching for someone to create a custom piece of furniture, look to people you know or a recommendation from someone! I will always recommend Ken to my clients or anyone local for any custom wood pieces. If you’re not local to the Chattanooga area, you probably have friends in your region who can offer advice. If you can’t find someone you know, researching local craftsmen in your area is always a great option as well!

After going through the custom furniture-making process, I’ve learned a bit more about what can affect the price of your piece. Something with drawers or cabinets/hinges will be much more intricate to create, and your cost will inevitably rise. Something more simplified, such as a table, nightstand (without drawers), or bench, will not be as intricate or costly!

When thinking about making custom furniture an addition in your home, I would think about where the piece will sit! I love how our table is displayed centrally in our home because I’m able to show it off and it’s a great conversation starter. I definitely don’t believe that every piece of furniture in your home needs to be custom, so I would reserve those special pieces for places that sit in a highly trafficked and more visible area!

After acquiring a custom piece of furniture for our home, if it’s in your budget I will always encourage people to do the same. Do you own any custom furniture? What is something unique that you would love to add to your space?

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