6 Interior Wall Treatments to Consider for your Home

When designing a home, I like to think not only about what can be used to fill the space, but also how we can add more architectural interest! Interior wall treatments are without a doubt one of the best ways to accomplish this. While they can be overlooked, wall treatments can add a subtle (or BOLD) statement to your space.

There  are six main wall treatments you should consider when designing your space! Each are great options depending on where you choose to place them within your home. As I always preface when talking about designing a space, interior design is subjective and rules are meant to be broken. The tips I’m sharing in this post are simply my personal preferences and recommendations!


The first wall treatment is the most standard in homes – paint! Paint is a great foundation and will work absolutely anywhere within your home. You know I love white walls, but painting an accent wall or even fun patterns can bring new life to your space.


Most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, tile is a great element to incorporate into your space. Wanting something extra special? Think about going floor-to-ceiling with your tile not only for practical reasons (it can take on water better than other interior wall treatments) but also because it can make such a great statement. I’ve shared a previous post about my favorite tile designs. Click here to read!


Masonry encompasses all types of brick and stone and is a great way to add interest to a space! Using interior masonry to makes a space feel grander and I like to incorporate it into those bigger spaces like living rooms and master bedrooms. I especially love masonry on fireplaces!

Personally, I don’t love to mix masonry types and would recommend using the same ones throughout your home. Not only do I say this about mixing brick and stone, but also painted and unpainted brick. I definitely suggest taking the exterior of your home into account and opting for the same type of masonry you have there. If you have a certain type of painted brick outside, go for the same painted brick inside, and vice versa! Check out my previous post to see the exterior finishes I used for my home!

Wallpaper and Fabric

These types of interior wall treatments make a fun and bold statement, and I recommend using them sparingly and in smaller spaces. I love the elevation wallpaper can add in places like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kids’ rooms. Don’t miss my previous post on my favorite wallpaper designs!

Molding and Paneling

These are great options to add interest on large, solid walls! There are sooo many options here, I probably need to write a post just on this type of wall treatment. Some of the most popular right now are batten board, wainscoting, shiplap or other tongue and groove paneling. These treatments work best as textural accents, and are great for entryways, dining rooms, and bedrooms.


Just like paint, this is a great interior wall treatment that can go anywhere in your home. Plaster has become more popular recently, and I love to opt for it if I’m wanting to add some subtle texture within a space!

I would recommend no more than two to three interior wall treatments throughout your home. I like having more than one treatment to add diversity and interest, but typically like to stay under three so there’s still a sense of cohesiveness. If you decide to use a certain treatment in one room, consider adding it to another space as well so it doesn’t feel out of place!

These finishes are great for walls, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop with the vertical planes in your home! Wall treatments on ceilings are another great way to add interest. If you use a certain finish on a vertical wall in one room, you could choose to add it to a ceiling somewhere else.

How have you incorporated different wall treatments in your home? Do you like to stick to the basics, or go for something more daring and bold? Let me know which treatments are your favorite!

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