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The fall season is at hand and I can honestly say it’s a personal favorite! There’s just something magical about the cool, crisp days and crunch of fallen leaves under your feet. Then again, maybe it’s just the comfort and security that comes with familiar holiday traditions. While it might be chilly outside, I’m bringing the autumn season indoors and infusing its beautifully rich colors to instantly warm up your dining room space! This elegant fall dining room design is sure to be the perfect spot to enjoy delicious meals with loved ones while harvesting many happy memories together this season!

Elegant Fall Dining Room

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The perfect place to start incorporating fall themed designs is in the dining room! For this design, I kept things modern with clean, simple lines as the cornerstone but pulled in inspiration from the fall seasons book of colors! Those cozy, warm earth tones truly create the perfect canvas!

A well designed fall dining room, is a balance of seasonal colors, texture, and ensuring you have a cozy, warm tone felt around your space. The focus should be on the subtle feelings this season brings out. Think through how you want your home to feel…for me that’s cozy, warm, and subtly festive without the space looking overly decorated.

The great thing about designing a dining room is it’s versatility. Sticking with warm, wood toned furnishings and a muted neutral color palette as your base, makes any seasonal swaps incredibly easy!

Elegant Fall Dining Room-Tables

Table 1 | Table 2 | Table 3

Your dining room space is considered the heart of every home, next to your kitchen and a cherished space to enjoy memorable meals with family and friends. With that said, there are several factors worth considering before choosing the perfect dining table.

Start by measuring your space. This will help you determine what table size and shape will best accommodate your specific dining room needs. Other considerations include table height, the material used, and of course the overall aesthetic it will bring to your space.

Measuring Tip:

Table-to-Wall Clearance: Measure the space around your dining room. Ideally, you’ll want to leave 42 to 48 inches between your table and the walls to allow for ease of movement.

The goal of measuring is to create balance by avoiding an oversized table in a small space, which gives an overly cramped feel.

When it comes to color, vary your wood tones and finishes when selecting furnishings. Opting for lighter wood tones will add warmth to this space, embracing natural surroundings vs. creating an overly decorated aesthetic.

For my elegant fall dining room, I chose this beautiful Charmian dining table. It offers a refined modern look while creating a welcoming feel. This piece makes a stunning statement with its crossed-leg design, adding structure and visual interest. I love the table’s organic beauty and natural crevices and splits within the wood. It draws you into the fall season and reminds you autumn days are here again! 

Elegant Fall Dining Room-Chairs

Chair 1 | Chair 2 | Chair 3 | Chair 4

When it comes to dining room chairs there are endless possibilities. Selecting the right one will come down to your own personal taste and design style. In an effort to keep with our theme, I’m bringing fall vibes indoors and taking advantage of nature’s palette! Layering with natural eye-catching textures like rattan, as well as woven touches, helps to create a nature-inspired outdoorsy aesthetic. 

Combining textures like wood and fabrics is the perfect way to up the cozy factor in any dining room space! To elevate this space, consider mixing in an alternate chair design for added contrast. A fabric arm chair paired with textured chair keeps this dining room space elegantly refined with an relaxed authentic feel your guests are sure to love!

This Laurie chair is my end chair pick for this elegant fall dining room design! It has a classic feel while the contrasting color tones and pattern detailing add dimension, without being overly distracting. Pair with this Mollie chair, for an effortlessly sophisticated style. Its crisp white cushion and textural woven back will keep you casually relaxed.

Elegant Fall Dining Room-Lighting

Pendant 1 | Pendant 2 | Pendant 3 | Pendant 4

Selecting the right light fixture, is an important step in creating a well-designed dining space. Not only is the light fixture a central focal point in your dining room, but allows you to set the mood and overall tone of your space. 

Pendant lighting is the perfect choice for our fall themed design! It brings warmth and coziness to your dining room space while also mixing in contrast with unique shape and material options.

I chose this striking Aldorno pendant for a more subtle and refined look. I love its beautifully elegant curves and brass round shade for a classic feel that still makes a statement. Paired against the wood table, it adds the perfect soft touch while balancing out the space‚Äôs tones.

Elegant Fall Dining Room-fall greenery

Greenery 1 | Greenery 2 | Greenery 3 | Greenery 4

Our elegant fall dining room design wouldn’t be complete without bringing gorgeous fall-inspired foliage indoors!! A touch of faux greenery instantly adds dimension and brightens every space!

Live plants are beautiful but come with added cost and upkeep. Faux greenery, on the other hand is as easy as finding the perfect spot…followed by simply walking away! No green thumb required! Beyond ease of care, it adds a pop of color and texture for visual variety. There are so many beautiful faux greenery options, and most are incredibly affordable.

This faux olive tree is stunning, and the intricate detailing give the illusion of the real thing! The dark green olives against the neutral color palette create a beautiful contrast, while the woven pot adds a unique statement. It is the perfect blend of classic and modern style.

This elegant fall-inspired dining room style exudes ALL the warm feelings and excitement this season has to offer! Here’s to amazing autumn days! Happy designing!

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