Let’s talk about subway tile backsplash! I want to preface this post by saying that EVERYONE has different styles and there’s never a wrong or right way to design your home. However, I want to talk about some subway tile backsplashes looks that I’ve seen begin to fade, and how to avoid feeling the need to make expensive changes to your home in the future to keep up with trends.

Subway Tile Backsplash

For example, subway tile will always be a classic look inside homes. There are, however, a lot of looks in the subway tile category that can range from timeless to trendy, and therefore go in and out of style quickly. The colors, finish, and grout that you chose can have a big impact on how long your tile will remain in style!

A flat white subway tile accompanied by dark grout is a look so many of us were loving in years past thanks to the fixer upper queen herself, but I would bet money that even she would agree this look is way past its shelf life. If you’re still loving the subway tile look, try going with a tile that offers a little more character and texture, and then pair it with a grout that is similar in color and less contrasting to the tile itself. You could also try a square shape instead of brick. With all of these options, think about choosing a tile that becomes an extension of your wall, only adding texture instead of a bold loud statement. All of these options will help you achieve a more timeless and effortless look that won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Another look I think we can all agree is “out” is a smaller patterned mosaic tile with super contrasting colors & shades. I would say this in the number one tile look that is being ripped out and redone right now. If you still want a bold statement for your backsplash, maybe think about picking one accent color you want to highlight and go with a tile in that shade. But just be mindful of the possibility of it going out of style sooner than you’d like.


In past blog posts, I’ve talked about easier ways to keep your home trendy (like my posts on barstools and lamps!) so you’re not having to make expensive changes down the road! If you want to avoid doing that, I highly recommend timeless looks for all of your interior finishes, and then have a little more fun with your furnishings.

Some other great options for timeless tile looks are penny tile, smaller-scale hex tile, basketweave, and pinwheel for flooring. In general, I think the smaller you go with a tile, the more vintage it feels. The larger you go, the more modern it feels!

There is still a ton of room to have fun with your tile designs and feel confident you are picking a timeless look! Of course, if you’re still feeling overwhelmed and need more help, I’d absolutely love to help guide you in the right direction! All you have to do to get started is book your free consultation here, and we’ll be talking about your home together in no time!

Looking for some subway tile backsplash inspo? Here is a collection of images on my Pinterest board that I love!

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