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Fall is a time of celebration and bringing families together to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. The coziest table setting helps elevate and dress up your home for the fall season. It’s the perfect time to swap out your everyday table settings for pieces with beautiful harvest hues, textures, and patterns. Today, I’m covering ALL THINGS stylish dishware for fall, along with some helpful tips to create a thoughtfully curated dinner table you’ll love to gather around this season!

Stylish Dishware for Fall
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Stylish dishware and inviting table settings elevate your dinner table, instantly dressing up your home for the fall season. Cozy autumn days and cool crisp nights also usher in a time of gathering with family and friends. Creating a festive atmosphere with a fall-inspired dinner table offers a dining experience to remember.

Whether simple or dramatic, dishware is very versatile, making it easy to create your own tablescape masterpiece! Opting for a neutral color palette and simple design styles, when it comes to dishware and table settings, conveys a tasteful modern look that will easily transition between the seasons.

To accent your neutral palette, incorporate the season’s array of earth tones, matching the changing leaves outside while tapping into your inner Martha Stewart for added unique touches. Because of the season’s close connection with nature, layering and adding textural components is the perfect way to create an elegant contrast.

Choosing Dishware

Dishware is designed to be a part of your everyday life. While you’ll regularly find it dressed down for casual everyday meals, unique and versatile sets create endless styling possibilities, perfect for those dressed-up occasions. They offer the ability to mix and match, as well as layer in shapes and colors, inviting you to switch up your dinner table design with ease.

Types of Dishware

  • Bone China-Modern spirit meets classic flair, high-quality, durable, chip-resistant material.
  • Porcelain-Sophisticated china with a lower price tag, modern and timeless.
  • Stone Ware-Smooth, clean, modern look with optional pops of color.
  • Earthen Ware-Durability with a textured artisanal look and feel.
Stylish Dishware for Fall
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Determining Dishware Sets

Dishware patterns are available as individual pieces or place settings and sets. Place settings typically come in a 4 or 5-piece set, which includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, cup, and saucer, with a 4-piece set substituting a mug for the cup and saucer. Ideally, you should have a service for 12 guests of each dishware design or pattern. Complete sets come with a more affordable price point than purchasing individually. You can separately purchase coordinating serving pieces, such as bowls and platters.

When it comes to the number of sets you should have on hand, two is standard. One for everyday use and another for special occasions or formal entertaining. For your first set, opt for a more casual design or pattern but something neutral enough to work with your special occasion pieces. Classic whites will serve you best for formal entertaining, allowing you to layer in varying colors, shapes, and patterns for added visual interest.

Stylish Dishware for Fall-place setting
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How to Set a Table in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Arrange plates in the center of each placement or charger if using one. The entree plate should be in front of each chair.
  2. Place the dinner fork to the left of the plate with the salad fork to its left. The napkin goes either to the left of, or on top of the plate.
  3. Place the knife to the right of the plate, with its blade facing the dish, followed by the spoon to its right.
  4. The dessert spoon lays horizontally above the plate, with its handle pointing toward the glassware.
  5. Set water and wine glasses on the top right. If serving coffee, position the teacup and saucer above the spoon.

Before choosing what dishes to use, consider the meal you’ll be serving to determine how many will be needed. For family-style meals, serving plates and bowls can be passed around the table, allowing you to use the same dinner plate throughout the meal, whereas multiple courses will require additional plates.

Stylish Dishware for Fall-tablescape
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Elevate Your Dishware with a Beautiful Tablescape

There’s nothing better than serving a delicious meal on your stylish dishware for fall with a beautifully curated tablescape as your backdrop. A set table provides a cozy spot for your family to gather, setting the mood for delicious food and a place for memories to be made. It’s an easy way to make your dinner table feel intimate and special, adding the perfect inviting touch.

For added visual interest, a tablecloth is a great place to start. The good news is they’re making a comeback! Beyond just a table covering, tablecloths are easily one of the simplest ways to elevate your kitchen and dining space. There are endless color palettes and designs to choose from, and can easily be interchanged to accommodate seasonal decor.

Layering your fall-inspired tablescape with placemats and napkins adds sophisticated appeal while helping to tie your overall look together. Mixing in woven or wood placemats or chargers underneath your dishware adds a natural textured element for contrast.

Consider flatware style and finish when setting up your table, opting for forks and knives that blend well with your decor theme. Silver flatware works well with most table settings, but for an elegant feel, go for gold or black.

Stylish Dishware for Fall-tablescape
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Centerpieces don’t have to be intricate or overly complicated. Using a variety of bowls and vases is the perfect way to repurpose everyday items you already have on hand. Simply stick to a fall color palette or bring in natural elements, like fresh flowers, faux grasses, or greenery.

For a more authentic harvest feel, add seasonal produce to a wooden bowl and place it in the center of your table, creating the perfect focal point. You can also include wood boards and trays for added styling and food display. This brings nature’s elements table side, complimenting your tablescape aesthetic.

Candles instantly set the mood, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Decorative candles offer a sleek, modern look and add the perfect fall touch to your tablescape. For an intimate setting, place candles in holders above your place settings and position them evenly across the table for guests to enjoy.

Fall-Inspired Colors

When it comes to color schemes, autumn hues offer a beautiful color palette to draw inspiration from. Incorporating hints of pumpkin and mustard colors while accenting with varying wood tones create elegant contrast and connects with nature. You can also layer in patterns through linens or placemats for added dimension.

For a simple and clean look, stick with neutral creams, then add organic accents for a seasonal touch. A pop of color against muted tones can add the perfect statement moment.

If you prefer a monochromatic approach, layer shades of the same color. Avoid a toneless look by bringing in a variety of materials through glassware, textiles, vases, and chargers.

Stylish Dishware for Fall-tablescape
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

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I hope this stylish dishware for fall inspires you to create the perfect dining experience for your next family gathering! Until next time!

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