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Wickedly Stylish Cruella de Vil Bedroom

This week we’re sending our character-themed bedroom series off in style! Traveling to the bustling, vibrant, and cosmopolitan city of London to visit a pampered heiress with a dark shadowy side. Despite her flamboyance, love of fur coats, and violent mood swings, the chic style of villainess Cruella de Vil thrust her into pop-culture icon status. Today, we’re embracing our inner baddy; taking queues from Cruella’s high-end design aesthetic bedside, with a Wickedly Stylish Cruella de Vil Bedroom escape!

Wickedly Stylish Cruella de Vil Bedroom

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While princesses, fairy godmothers, and happily ever after are certainly dreamy; taking a closer look at villain characteristics, to see what makes them tick can be rather enticing. Looking beyond Cruella’s abrasive persona reveals at least one redeeming quality…an eye for style!

Minus her vindictive ego, Cruella de Vil is truly a fashion icon. Embracing the villain within, she stuns the world with her haute couture outfits. Even her hair, with its natural split color, offers a statement-making moment. Today, I’m drawing inspiration from her wickedly chic style; creating a high-end bedroom fit for any fashion queen, who loves to flirt with a beautifully bold design style.

Incorporating darker shades might sound scary, when it comes to bedroom design and eerily reminiscent of something your teenager would dream up. But, touches of black and red might actually be the thing you didn’t even know you were missing, taking your bedroom space to the next level. This luxury, modern design exudes elegance while offering a soothing sanctuary full of plush furnishings and peaceful decor that invoke an overwhelming sense of calmness. Black is inherently neutral, meaning it perfectly pairs with almost any other color while instantly adding a dramatic effect.

Sofa 1 | Sofa 2 | Sofa 3 | Sofa 4

When used correctly, the darker color schemes offer the perfect refined luxury look. For a high-end vibe with added contrast, incorporate varying textures throughout your decor. Plush velvets, smooth leathers, and textured woods infuse life into this bedroom design. 

An accent sofa creates an opportunity to add design interest to any space, filling in awkward or neglected spaces and introducing color and pattern in a way that isn’t overly intimidating. It’s also the perfect way to experiment outside your typical comfort zone, selecting a piece with a bold appeal.

Nothing says Cruella like blending her eccentric yet demure qualities into a statement-making accent sofa! For this wickedly stylish Cruella bedroom design, I opted for an elegant curve back sofa that embodies 1930s Hollywood. Taking center stage, the glamorous curves and graceful shape offer luxury appeal. It also gives new appreciation for darker, more dramatic shades with its stunning velvety red color.

Wickedly Stylish Cruella De Vil Bedroom-chandelier

Chandelier 1 | Chandelier 2 | Chandelier 3 | Chandelier 4

Lighting is essential to creating a serene and inviting space. Layers of ambient accent lighting impact the look and feel of any room. The right fixture makes all the difference when it comes to the overall design aesthetic. 

In this wickedly stylish Cruella de Vil bedroom space, we’re setting the mood and bringing elevated elegance bedside with a modern chandelier. It not only adds a beautiful visual effect but instantly transforms this space into something spectacular. The metal frame and metallic finish accent of this piece help to offset the darker color scheme of the room, while adding a classic, sophisticated flair. 

If your bed is the focal point of the bedroom, hang the chandelier either centered above it or near the head of the bed, keeping clearance in mind. Before choosing a chandelier, measure the length and width of the room and add the two figures together. The sum equals the ideal diameter for your chandelier. 

For example, the average size master bedroom is 14 feet by 16 feet. When added together, this makes 30 feet. Therefore, the ideal diameter for a chandelier for this room size, is roughly 30 inches.

Wickedly Stylish Cruella De Vil Bedroom-artwork

Art 1 | Art 2 | Art 3 | Art 4

Artwork plays an important role when it comes to design and atmosphere. It adds personality and uniqueness to your bedroom space while offering appealing contrast. The specific art style selected should create an impact within the room, complimenting your design atheistic rather than detracting from surrounding decor and furnishings. 

Abstract linear artwork pairs perfectly with this wickedly stylish Cruella de Vil bedroom design. It offers high-end, refined style with its clean lines and creates a sense of movement within the space. It also adds structure with its minimalistic design and a sense of calmness, which offsets our villainess’s flamboyant demeanor. 

Bringing the room’s color scheme into the artwork makes a modern impression. It exudes a luxurious ambiance while beautifully emphasizing varied lines and shapes featured within the piece and throughout the bedroom space.

Wickedly Stylish Cruella De Vil Bedroom-nightstand

Nightstand 1 | Nightstand 2 | Nightstand 3 | Nightstand 4

A simple black nightstand just won’t do for this character’s lavish lifestyle. This piece requires something with distinctiveness and notable charm while still effortlessly blending with the overall design theme. 

I opted for on-trend artisanal appeal with a black-stained wood nightstand that boasts a unique, curved silhouette. The drawer and hidden shelving create ample storage for your nightly essentials, while the beautiful satin-finish knobs offer the perfect chic contrast. It exudes confidence but displays a subtle hint of shadowy enchantment. 

For optimal height, ensure your nightstand is not more than 5 inches higher or lower than the top of your mattress. Your average nightstand height will average somewhere between 24 and 30 inches. Ideally, aim for the top of the mattress to line up with your bedside table height.

Love to hate her, or hate to love her Cruella’s elevated chic design style might just have you dipping your toes into the dark side and embracing your inner villain! Happy designing!!

Which character themed room design was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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