Lately, I’ve noticed wallpaper is coming back in a BIG way! For years, we’ve been tearing wallpaper out of homes and replacing it with standard paint, but wallpaper has now joined other beautiful vintage trends that are re-appearing in the interior design space. I’ve seen stunning wallpaper additions in both new constructions and home remodels, and I love the look!

When I’m helping design a home, I definitely love the character that wallpaper can add. The great part about adding a statement design like wallpaper is that there are options that make it easier to change.

Not sure if you’ll love the wallpaper look? You can opt to paint a wallpaper look onto your wall instead! I’ve seen really neat stencil designs that allow you to add a pattern to the wall with paint, so you can simply paint over it if you change your mind!

In this blog post, I want to share some wallpaper inspo that I’ve been loving. Check out the gallery below and if you love something, click the link to learn more about the designs!

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